Dakak, Dapitan impresses Chinese media and travel agents

30 Nov


A recent FamTour to Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan City organized by the Philippine Tourism  Office (PTO) based in Shanghai, China and the Department of Tourism China Team, has deeply impressed Chinese media and travel agents from Shanghai, China.

In an email correspondence with the Tourism Attache for East and Western China Gerry Panga said, “All very happy and deeply impressed. 

The twelve-member delegation headed by Consul General Charles C. Jose of the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai along with top producing travel agents from Shanghai and the media personalities from East China Tourism news and Shanghai Daily inspected Dakak Park and Beach Resort and experienced the various tours that Dapitan City has to offer with only five to 30 minutes travel time, from river cruising to firefly watching to Aliguay island tour, from aqua sports activities to adventures at the mountain top like zipping, horseback riding and rappelling, from bar hopping in Dakak to rides and shows at Gloria’s Fantasyland and bowling in Gloria de Dapitan; this four-day Famtour that started last November 20, ended with a city historical tour highlighting our national hero’s legacy during his exile in Dapitan City.

Consul General Jose expressed confidence that the Chinese tourists will definitely want to visit Dapitan City not just because of what it can offer but also the great service and the warmth of hospitality that Dapitanons exude from travel to tours saying: “That was an unbelievably good time that I had last week in Dakak!”

The Chinese delegation and DOT China Team was met by Vice Mayor Ruben Cad, Councilors Apple Marie Agolong and Rosalina “Nene” Jalosjos Johnson, DOT Regional Director Mary June Bugante, Chief Operations Officer of the Jalosjos Group of Companies (JGC) Maria Consuelo Locop at the Dipolog City Airport along with CAAP Manager Erlinda Delos Reyes.

The group took Cebu Pacific Airlines from Shanghai to Dapitan via Manila  and was billeted at the majestic Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City which is known for its 750-meter stretch of white sand and the recently launched Dakak Adventure Zone that houses the longest zipline in Asia.

According to the COO of JGC, Ms. Consuelo Locop, one of the delegates, Mr. Gao Jian Jun, Director of Direction Travel and Tours has reportedly committed to send his first group of tourists come this Chinese New Year.  The management of Dakak Park and Beach Resort, Ms. Rosinni Montecalvo, is optimistic that this will be the beginning of a good business relationship with Chinese travel agents.

With the positive feedback gained from this recent Famtour to Dakak, Dapitan City, DOT Team China Head Ms. Arlene Alipio expressed full support to make Dapitan City as among the top tour destinations in the Philippines for the Chinese market.

Indeed, it is more fun in the Philippines!

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Conquering My DAKAcrophobia(Dakak Zip line Adventures)

10 Aug

With the rise in zip line popularity here in the Philippines and all over the world, Dakak Park and Beach Resort has just opened its new zip line facility and is the new home of the longest zip line in Asia.

I was so excited to experience and conquer the longest dual zip-line facility in the entire Asian continent with a total length of 1,364 meters (1.3 Km), especially that it is located in Dakak, that I had to be there in time of the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. It was around 9 o’clock in the morning when I and my colleagues, with our acrophobias set aside, headed to Dakak zip line with the goal to defeat our fear of heights. It was a quiet 30-45 minute ride from the city proper to the resort. Arriving at Dakak and seeing the very steep dirt roads leading towards the launch point which is 300 meters above sea level my heart started to pump faster as I was getting anxious.  Due to our Nissan van’s lack of torque power we were fetched by military type jeep that would transport us to the launch point. It was a rough ride but the jeep made it look easy. Finally, we arrived and had the chance to catch our breath but not for long, after the short ceremony it was time for the moment of truth.

 Stepping into the launch platform I could see the very beautiful panoramic view of Dakak and so is the endpoint of the zip line which is barely visible due to its distance. I had mixed feelings of fear, anxiety and excitement. At first I was hesitant on whether to do it or not having the paranoia that the cables would snap. But what the heck, thinking that I am already here why not do it anyway; it was a onetime chance of having the title of conquering the longest in Asia. So the crew started to put on my harness and a few minutes later, it was time to fly! I was trying the superman position so that I could imagine that I was flying like superman.

As I was getting ready for take-off my heart again started to beat faster, 1..2..3 and I was released, the feeling of fear disappeared after just 4 to 5 seconds, it started with a steep dive that gradually straightens out as it nears the end. Traversing or should I say flying across the beautiful landscape & seascape with the air kissing my face at high speeds of Dakak zip line was the most exhilarating 50 seconds of my entire life. Though the ride lasted under a minute, it felt like eternity and it was the closest thing I could get to flying.

Dakak Zip line, the longest in Asia, should definitely be in your itinerary when visiting Dapitan City.

Zip-lining! Definitely more fun in Dapitan!…

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