Culture & Environment in Dapitan…

10 Mar

Culture & Environment in Dapitan

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pic. from

When I first arrived in Dapitan City, I have observed that it is a quiet and a lonely place, and people in Dapitan City lived a very simple and uncomplicated life. The lifestyle is relaxed, calm and laid-back. Going around the city I saw that the cleanliness of the streets, sidewalks and surroundings are well maintained. And looking up you can see the clear blue skies of Dapitan that reflects its virginity. The city is pretty much untouched and looking afar in the city sides you can see the greenish Hills and mountains that surround the city. The city itself is very small and you could walk around the city in a few hours. When the moon arrives and nighttime fills the blue skies, the existence of fireflies along the rivers of Dapitan proves that is has a clean and unpolluted environment, knowing that fireflies only thrive in green vegetations. At around 6 to 7 in the evening almost all of the commercial buildings are already closed. And there isn’t much to do around the City. I think the city’s economic development is slow in pace seeing that there are limited numbers of commercial buildings around and the only means of public transportation is a tricycle. But fare and gasoline prices are much cheaper compared to where I came from, Dumaguete City. Structures around Dapitan City like old houses, churches, schools and water wells reflect its rich culture during the time of the Spanish rule. and their isn’t much around to see if one is looking for shopping malls or night out destinations, It’s like going back in time when you are in Dapitan City.  And the only best place to go during evening is at Gloria de Dapitan complex, and a few small bars along the Sunset Boulevard. Maybe without Gloria de Dapitan complex the city would still probably be a sleeping city as they say it is. For me being here for more than three months now, I have noticed that the criminality rate is very low, so I can conclude the environment is a safe place to be compared to where I came from; Dumaguete City the city of gentle people as what they say but I think Dapitan compared is gentler.


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